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Minister of National Reconciliation updates on the creation of an electronic database

The Service Commissions Department is in the process of creating an electronic database, which would outline the minimum qualifications necessary for recruitment within the public service.

Government To Work Closely With Employers And Employees In The New Year

Minister responsible for Labour, Hon. Maxwell Charles, said that the Government will be working closely with employers and employees in the new year to address issues affecting workers nation-wide.

The Public Sector Reform Unit conducted a workshop focused on “Improving Performance and Accountability”

The Public Sector Reform Unit conducted a half day workshop on December 2nd 2014 as part of its continued thrust in enhancing the quality of customer service within the Public Service.

Minister Charles Calls For A Greater Level Of Accountability And Productivity In The Public Service

Minister Charles made the appeal for a greater level of accountability and productivity in the Public Service at the opening of a Public Sector Reform workshop which focused on improving performance and accountability.

The Public Sector Reform Unit Produced a New Telephone Protocol

telephone protocol

The Public Sector Reform Unit within the Ministry of National Reconciliation, the Public Service, Labour, Information and Ecclesiastical Affairs has created a New Telephone Protocol document which includes a set of guidelines geared at encouraging professional practices with respect to the use of office telephones.

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